How To Promote Blog to Grow Blog Traffic like a PRO

You are writing your blog and publishing it. But you are not getting traffic, does it means you are a bad writer? Or you don’t know your information is relevant? If you are thinking like this then you are on the wrong point, all you need to learn is how to promote blog to grow blog traffic like a pro by following this in-depth guide.

Generating traffic on a blog is something more than just writing and publishing. It doesn’t matter how good you write Google is not going to choose your blog from billions of others just because of your writing.

How To Promote Blog to Grow Blog Traffic?

Promote Blog to Grow Blog Traffic

If you are wondering how to increase traffic on your blog and minimize bounce rate then you will need to follow these procedures. You will have high traffic which means you have more visitors and more earning.

There are many methods to promote your blogs but there are some which can yield maximum result. So let’s start from the beginning.

  • Choose Best & Reliable Hosting

This one of the most underrated aspects. A good foundation is very important for any blog. You can choose any hosting and that can handle 10000 to 15000 visitors daily. Getting reliable hosting that provides speed can be a match-winner for you and if you want to learn how to choose web hosting provider then you can easily learn on

  • Get Clear Cut Design 

Everyone likes a good place. Getting a good theme and beautiful design will help your audience to spend more time on your blog. Make your blog look beautiful. But, please do not compromise speed for the sake of beauty. Designing a blog will not cost you a lot but it will help you to attract more traffic. You can get many free premium themes for your blog.

  • SEO

It is one of the oldest and effective techniques to increase traffic on your blog. There are a few aspects which you should take care of. You can choose on-page and off-page SEO as well as on-site SEO.

You can submit your blog to the Google Search Console which will increase the visibility in short term. If you are running your blog on WP then you may install YoastSEO free plugin which will help you to boost up.

You should also perform the following steps to get the best results:

  • Optimize the images which you are publishing.
  • Always use very catchy headlines.
  • Try to write as interesting as possible.
  • Keep learning about the updates and new tools to rank your site.
  • Give your audience a good reason to stick to your blog.
  • Perform deep keywords research.

  • Be active on social media

You should definitely try to be active on social media platforms. There are millions of people active on social media and who knows how much attention you may grab for your blog. Just try and keep trying, you will get a considerable amount of audience for your blog.

You can even set-up a Facebook page and groups to promote your blog as well as you can personally interact with your audiences which will help you in getting a loyal audience for the long term.

  • Republish Your Blogs Articles

You can make your blog visible to a larger audience by using good platforms. You may publish your written articles on some of the most populated websites such as Quora and Medium.

These websites will help you to get to the wider viewers and who knows you may get some of your loyal readers from there.

  • Use Twitter with Proper Hashtags

I already told you to use social media and I am saying it again. If you are blogging then you must have to become a “netizen” you can’t ignore the flow of the internet, you will have to learn to sail through it and absolutely not against it.

Some of the best platforms apart from Twitter are Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and scoop or application sites. You can never understand the momentary flow but you can move with it (the internet is a crazy place).

  • Do Guest Blogging on the Same Niche Sites

Connections make you powerful. Doing guest blogging will help you to connect with the people who are way ahead of you as well as it will keep you updated about the recent changes in the Google algorithm. You will find valuable knowledge, good friends as well as shared audiences.

Guest blogging is the best thing that you can do. This is a completely win-win situation. You are getting knowledge, audience, experiences, and whatnot.

  • Comment on Professional Sites and Place Your Links

You should comment on other people’s blogs. Just try to be genuine and never force a comment. Keep it real, choose the right word and appreciate the work of the other bloggers.

You are working for yourself but doing anything forcefully will not work in your way. It will look spamming. Choose Gravatar for the profile picture otherwise, people will see you as a spammer.

  • Join Related Forums & Show Your as A Master of Particular Topic

You should keep the track of your niche and the best way to do this is by joining online forums and sharing knowledge. You cannot believe that ho much knowledge is flowing on these forums. You will get immense knowledge and connection.

There are many forums for bloggers and joining them will do the best for you. Keep your image clean as well as be supportive. Never use language which you do not want for you.

Please, do not lower your morale if you face any kind of negative comment. It is the part of the world, the best thing you can do is to ignore them.

  • Offer Free e-Books

You can offer free e-books by creating an ebooks creator site about your learning this will make your readers more humble and loyal. Choose the trick of signing them up while providing a free e-book it will help you to market your blog through e-mail marketing.

Providing free e-books will keep your audience interacted as well as it will add gratitude among them.


There are many ways to promote your website and blogs but performing above mentioned steps will keep you a little ahead of your competitors. There are billions of blogs but only a few can walk an extra mile to promote their work. Do it elegantly and professionally.

Let me know your opinions and thoughts about it. If you have any other ideas then feel free to share them in the comment section.

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