Local SEO for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will be learning each part of the local SEO. Through this article, you walk through every part of the local SEO Process- keyword targeting, local competition analysis, technical SEO, Content, and links.

There are many myths in digital marketing world about local SEO policy, strategies, and what can happen when a campaign is put together. It’s best to approach with the mentality of not cheating google, but using tested, holistic optimization best practices that will help your site stand the test of time when approaching any local SEO endeavor.

This guide will teach each part of the local SEO process from start to end.

Starting with a local competition analysis. Then, we will talk about the building blocks of local SEO.

  • Keyword targeting
  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Links

Local SEO for Beginners

Local SEO for Beginners

Let’s get started with step by step procedure:

Local Competition Analysis

Before starting this I would like you to know that local competition Analysis can make and break your local SEO campaign.

By analyzing your competition, you can find what they are doing for their business or what they are doing to achieve the organic result

You will move on from this market study, trusting that the data you have will help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

It is possible to figure out, by looking at the content

  • What the competitors are writing about
  • Average limit of their word
  • How frequently they update their content

Carefully go through the below mention process for a clear understanding of what they are opting for. Then you can make your own strategy to beat them.

  • What is the number of links they are getting?
  • Which type of links they are getting
  • From where they are getting a link from
  • When they are usually getting their links

It is possible to opt for a different strategy by just looking at their factors for instance on-page optimization, it will help you to beat their local strategy.

In this local competition research, the variables you evaluate will help you build a winning strategy.

Factors to include in a local competition

You will have to perform a deep local competition analysis, to focus on your market, your locale, and the most important niche.

Below mention are the followings which include a local competitions analysis

  • Links
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content

In order to gain a clear picture of the local competitiveness of the market, you have to include the following things in your local competition analysis.

Please note that local rankings will not increase all of these variables, some will, but they are here to help you build a winning local plan based on everything the competition does.


  • Niche Local Sites
  • Editorial Local Links
  • Local SEO Directories
  • Local.GOV links
  • Chamber of commerce links
  • Local.EDU links


  • Who is writing the content?
  • What is the content about?
  • When is the content being written?
  • Where is the content focused (locally)?
  • Why is the content being written?
  • How many social shares is the content getting?

On-Page Technical SEO

  • Validated HTML, CSS Coding and High quality
  • Locally-optimized title tags
  • Schema.org coding for local SEO
  • Locally-optimized URLs
  • Locally-optimized meta descriptions
  • Locally-optimized on-page copy with tight topical and keyword focus

During Competition Analysis – what you want to obtain

This review of the market should concentrate on the top 10 google results

In a sector you are targeting, do a search for your local area + keyword term (e.g., “orange county personal injury lawyers”).

You can use Google Search Console, Majestic, SEMrush, raven Tool, and Ahrefs for a combination of link analysis. Then export and put the data together and analyze the link profile.

I suggest using at least two or three tools for connection profile analysis because single tools do not always provide all the available data on their own.

Things to Focus in Link Profile:

Local SEO Directories

  • What niche local links do these sites have?
  • What directories do these sites have?
  • Do these sites have any chamber of commerce links, and if so, which ones?
  • What kind of editorial local links do these sites have?
  • Do these sites have any locales? Gov or.edu links?

If it is done with good enough quality links, directories still operate as a linking tactic and they don’t all seem to be spam

Really, however, it’s just a directory here, pretty self-explanatory

You are searching for directories that are not all ad spam, which means that they do not include many, many advertisements above the fold, and the advertisements do not compete with people searching for the connection. In general, the directories are tidy, of good quality, and can drive the equity of high authority ties.

Niche Local Sites

Local niche sites are those sites in your sector that are local authorities on their issues.

They can be anything from animal rights groups to charities to other places that, when they attach to you, can help provide an air of authority.

When going after these ties, the main idea is to ensure that they are of good quality and not in any way spammy.

These sites will take on the guise of local partners as well. Please note that, since that is a bad idea, I am not promoting connection exchanges in this way. In order to obtain links that will support your website in the SERPs, I recommend establishing partnerships with other local businesses.

What we are trying to do is calculate in the search results the feasibility of beating the website. Currently, we don’t want to copy their link profile.

It would be much easier to assess an overall linking technique afterward by gauging rating feasibility.

By having too many of them, you might eventually get yourself a penalty if you slip up and optimize with a low-quality connection. Continuing old habits once you start is very convenient.

Chamber of Commerce Links

Chamber connections are critical for good local SEO for beginners. They provide high authority, can be a good partner-type relation, and can also apply to local businesses. It is important to remember, however, that not every connection from the Chamber of Commerce will be a .gov.

Local.Gov and.edu Links

From local government offices or charities to local schools, these associations can be anything.

The fact that they are links from .gov and .edu is all just a huge bonus. Stuff about the weight of the ties to .gov and .edu have not changed. They still appear to be some of the highest available quality ties.

Content Consideration for the Competitor Analysis

Mentioned below are the things to keep in mind while gathering data for the local competitor

  • What is the content about?
  • Who is writing the content?
  • Where is the content focused locally?
  • When is the content being written?
  • Why is the content being written?

Both of the above considerations will help decide the content and how to go from there that you will eventually place on the web.

On-Page Technical SEO

Basic URL Best Practices Are Still King

This means: always make sure from a local point of view that your site is crawlable. Use them in the URL while using highly focused, niche keyword phrases, as you call your page.

Google will not be able to rank it appropriately if your site is not crawlable and technically accurate.

High Quality, Validated HTML and CSS Coding

Yes, I know what most SEOs are going to say: it doesn’t matter about a high quality, legitimate HTML and CSS coding.

While Google has no such criteria in place, high-quality coding does matter and can significantly help to rank as a quality attribute.

You can reduce the page speed and browser speed if you code and develop a website correctly. We all know about page load time id one of the Google ranking factors.

Regardless, the end product of your site’s development work should always be high quality, verified HTML and CSS coding.

If the competitor analysis sites of your rivals do not have such validation or high-quality coding in their layout, then you have an attribute that you can use against them. Always make sure to have a better speed of your site’s coding and page speed in all the areas; make server bottlenecks non-existent, well-optimized code, etc.

Schema.org Coding for Local SEO

On any website that has Schema data type information on it, Schema.org coding should be present. To get the website to show up in rich snippets and the search results of Google carousels is essential.

If those websites do not have schema markup for the data types on your website, here is another helpful ranking signal that you can customize for your gain.

Locally Optimized Title Tag, Meta Description, URLs

There should be locally based title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs for any site that is optimized on a local basis.

What does locally focused mean?

“This implies that you should use the city name in your target keywords if you are trying to optimize for keyword phrases like “Garden Grove personal injury lawyer.

Locally Optimized On-Page Copy with Right Topic and Keyword Focus

You are also looking for rivals in the competitor review who may or may not have on-page copy configured locally with the Right topical and keyword emphasis. This will tell you what the competition for this on-page optimization is currently doing.

Cheating with Your Competitor Research

I highly recommend carrying out an audit of your competitor sites with screaming grog if you really want to get nitty-gritty with the competitor study.

Simply set the Screaming Frog settings to your desired specifications, crawl through each competitor’s site, and filter all the data after you export the Excel spreadsheet data so that only the titles, meta descriptions, and URLs appear.

You can also lookup what their H1 tags are doing as well.

Keyword Research

Start with a locally-focused version of the keyword your client is actually looking for.

To ensure that your on-page optimization is properly targeted and fully optimized, keyword and topical relevance are the important factors.

You’re looking for keywords that have a good search volume (above 70 or so average searches per month is a healthy number to shoot for) while performing keyword research.

If you try, without a local emphasis, to target personal injury lawyers alone, good luck. In order to extend to the sort of scope that you want your marketing to achieve, it will require significant quantities of links, authority building, and market penetration.

It is also important to consider the size of the market when doing keyword research.

If you don’t understand the scale of a market like Los Angeles (with millions of Google index pages and companies that have already built up their authority), if you promise a customer they will see rankings in Los Angeles within three months, you will be in for a rude awakening. It will not happen.

It would probably take a year or more to achieve outcomes in a market the size of Los Angeles on Google’s first list, assuming you have what it takes to beat the competition in their connection acquisition and other SEO efforts.

Get Good Search Volume, Lower Competition, Highly Targeted Niche Keyword

Lower competitions, highly targeted niche keywords,s and google search volume are the diamond in the rough.

Usually, these keyword phrases would offer the most sought after enhancement to a significant metric for your customer: conversions.

Although lower competition is great, when doing local keyword research, good search volume should be at the top of your list.

You may get lucky with a couple of conversions if you don’t pay attention to the search volume. But that kind of luck will eventually run out.

At the head of any SEO, the endeavor is solid research.

A highly targeted niche keyword is those keywords targeted at individuals in your industry who are searching for specific things. When attempting to uncover these keyword gems, you have to dive deep into your industry’s details.

If you know that people in a specific industry often search for specialized products, there are typically motives and questions behind such searches.

Create Content That Will Entice Searches and Bring Traffic to Your Local Site

You can build a content editorial calendar by using these keywords.

It is possible to create a keyword list that contains questions about these topics that you can use to build even further, border, highly focused topical content pages by analyzing and thinking through the future purpose of people looking for these phrases. For your consumer, these types of pages may end up being real converters.

You can find your own way by experimenting with this solution. You can develop content that even the savviest industry regulars will love, by using these keyword phrases.

Content: What Not to Do for Local SEO

While discussing what you should do, it is also important to discuss what are the things you should not do. Often, bad habits creep in that when you do the SEO properly, you can never do that.

For instance: Wikipedia-type content, not creating unique content, not focusing enough with your content, and the most important keyword stuffing.

Avoid Wikipedia Content Style

I know very well what people are doing. So, the easiest thing to do is to use Wikipedia content by changing a few words and they are done.

Do you think this will help your users to get unique and quality content?

The answer to this question is BIG NO this has already been done several million times.

Whether it is a law industry or it is a real estate industry everyone opts for this step.

The main problem which comes here is the quality of the content is gone. A big thank you to those several million people for coping and pasting which hold zero value.

Instead of doing these things, I would recommend you to take the content and perform your own research then try to make a good and unique content for your user that will surely be going to help your user.

Always keep in mind to provide unique and good quality content. Instead of copying and pasting.

Create Your Content with a Niche, Local Focus

While creating a content focus on how we created keywords with a niche, local focus.

Always create content that aspires to local -focus content, niche, and also focusing on what the other people are looking for.

If videos are all that is required, you wouldn’t want to create insightful text-based content. And you don’t want to build 10,000-word posts on pages where small brick-and-mortar firms are the only details people are looking for.

Create content that excites people to read that. Not to get bored and skip from that site.


Local SEO for beginners is not all that much different from organic SEO at the heart of it. The heart of your optimization strategy is keywords, content, and ties. When you consider the part of local SEO where the local emphasis comes into play, the difference is. It is very important to approach strategies with relationship-building, a holistic approach in mind. Well, this was all about Local SEO for Beginners. I hope this article will help you to gain information.

Let me know in the comment section if you have further questions. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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