SEO Ranking Factors to Focus in 2021

SEO Ranking Factors:- Rank on the top on the first page of google search [SERPs] is definitely a dream come true. It is something important and valuable for both the producers and the consumers.

But the questions arise, what should you do to rank your page to the top of the first page?

It is crucial to come on the first page because we all know that we do not go after the second page of a search engine if we do not find it on the first one.

Let’s be honest, we always try to get the information on the first page than to seek it on the other pages. Ranking your page on the first page of Google is no less than a ‘happy surprise’.

One of the most important questions arise when we talk about Page Ranking and SEO: What are some of the most important steps which should be followed to get the best result?

Well, with time google keeps changing the algorithms for the page ranking. You may recall that there was a time when it was about “HTTPS” then it was about user-friendliness and then it was about high-quality keywords.

Changing algorithms with time make it difficult for us to rank on the first search page, but choosing the right steps and sticking to them can do the miracle (yes, even in 2021).

SEO Ranking Factors to Focus in 2021

SEO Ranking Factors
SEO Ranking Factors

So, what are the factors to improve the rank of the webpage and give it a push? Let’s discuss:

A Well-Polished & Researched Content for Good Readership

Well, no one can ignore that good content does a miracle. All you need good combinations of words with the right tone and information. A well-researched and highly optimized content can do the trick. content is the only factor in the history of SEO that doesn’t change with time.

You need to have polished content that is SEO friendly but some of the most important things which most people ignore about the informative content are that they should be and must be interesting too.

Why we need interesting content when we can have optimized them according to the Google algorithm? Well, this is the area where most people fail but we will not. How?

  1. An interesting article does not only share vital information but it should be also an interesting one. The factor of luring the reader depends upon the writers and this can be only done by making your work more interesting.
  2. Give your article an awesome and fresh look. Make it as much as interesting as you can.
  3. Do not over define. Give them the information which they need in a very subtle way.
  4. It is not about the more words but about the less. Keep your paragraph sorted and shoot at the intent of the reader.
  5. Search about the keywords which are used by the readers to search.
  6. Target the need of the reader.

Why is it needed to make the content interesting? It will maximize the time spent by the reader. Well, it will play in both ways for you because on the one hand, it will increase the traffic for a longer duration and on the other hand, it will help you in ranking your page high because it will have a low bouncing rate.

Provide Dynamic User Experience

Let me ask you a question, what do you prefer a good and interesting novel or a book on calculus? Well, most of us will go for the interesting novel. This is what we need to understand in the Local SEO, International SEO, and SERPs.

  1. A good user experience will engage the reader and the bad one will repel them. This is that simple.
  2. If you are wanting to make your page more user friendly and more dynamic, then you should research over and find the perfect user interference which gives a positive look to your content as well as improve the overall experience of the readers.
  3. Site architecture is a thing. You will have to work upon the site URL and page URL to make it as simple as you can. Your readers shouldn’t have to face any kind of obstacles in finding their intent page on your site.
  4. About 40 percent of people back out from a page if they do not find the layout and user experience dynamic and easy, so do work on the user experience. It will increase search ranking of your site.

Website Speed Plays A Vital Role in Ranking

We all get frustrated from the slow loading pages. It is now an official google algo to rank fast loading page higher than the others. If you are slow, you will lose.

  1. Optimize your site to load as as fast it can. Try to recycle the files and contents which you do not need anymore. Choose the fastest server.
  2. Faster the page better the ranking. You will need to optimize them to such an extent that you do not lose readers due to the speed problem.
  3. We are living in the information age. If your contents are not on the fingertip of customers, then you are lagging behind. Take a look over your website speed over and over again to see how slow or how fast it is loading. If google algorithm is wanting you to make it fast, then you should better do it.

Note: We personally use WP Rocket Pro to make sure our website loads fast and readers never get frustrated with slow page load.

Quality Backlinks for Better Ranking Results in SERPs

Honestly, backlinks are as useful as they used to be. Do not ignore them. They will keep you ahead of the market. Ranking on the first page in billions of pages will need you to go the extra mile. Better backlinks will help you to get better results.

  1. Choose the right place for your backlinks, it can be on the client feedback page, on social media, and on the blog’s comment sections.
  2. Just remember to do it effectively so that they bring readers, an unclicked link is a dead link. Choose wisely and keep them alive.
  3. You may choose a survey about the customers to get more information and optimize yourself to provide them what they need before they themselves know what they need.

Providing free e-books and podcasts can also do the trick but do it elegantly; do not force them.

On-page optimization

  1. On-page optimization is not new but it can be ignored by most people. Having good on-page optimization does not only boost the site rank but will also change the whole scenario if it gets featured on the first page of Google snippets.
  2. Give your best shot to the on-page optimization and get better traffic. In the recent survey, it is found that people tend to go on the website which got featured on the snippets. It is not much but definitely a factor to look upon for the better ranking of the site.
  3. You should also use internal links to connect different pages so you can get the higher traffic connected.
  4. Your page should contain a good description of the knowledge you are going to provide. Choosing a good description will make your feature in the snippets. A good description is like an introduction, it should be precise and on the point.
  5. You can use Schema mark-up to get the vital information you want to share with your viewers. It has increased 25 percent higher click on Rotten Tomatoes so, there is no reason to not use it.

An on-page optimization is an old tool but it is effective so don’t hesitate to use it.

Blog/Website Must be Responsive for Latest Smart Devices

If you are making it for mobile users, then you will be able to fulfil the need for desktop and tablet users.

  1. Making your site mobile friendly will do the best trick, it will look more dynamic, lower loading time, and better page ranking.
  2. Google told that it doesn’t favor mobile website over desktop one but we can find out easily that it used to- remember Well, it is not relevant anymore but the algorithm is the same. No matter how much a search engine denies it but the result will show the truth.
  3. Making your website mobile-friendly will make you target a higher amount of users. We cannot use our laptop or desktop all the time so, it is good to have a website well optimized according to the mobile interface.

Never ever leave your website in such condition that it doesn’t work smoothly with the mobile UI, it will annoy the hell out of the customers.

SSL Certificate Considered as Ranking Factor

Well, HTTPS doesn’t do much about the website ranking but it does help you to get away from the annoying notifications from google chrome.

  1. If you are using HTTP rather than HTTPS, then google will send your customers a notification that your site is not secure. Better safe than sorry.
  2. If your readers are getting that notification, then it will definitely off their mood. Choosing HTTPS over HTTP will stop that notification.
  3. It will help your page to rank higher on the page and better SEO, reason behind it is that when a person tries to visit your site and find that annoying notification unsafe then he/she will bounce back most of the time, which indeed lower the time spend and affect the site ranking.

Page ranking algorithm continuously changes and you have to keep up the track of changes. Keeping yourself updated about all the SEO tools and methods will keep you above in the very highly competitive world of the internet. If you are wanting to keep yourself on the top, then you will need relevant SEO tools and methods.


So these are some of the must-follow SEO Ranking Factors to follow in 2021 to get the best SERPs results. We are dedicatedly following Google Algorithm so we can update this post and share more valuable content on this information website which is a knowledge hub of NewTechSolution.US where we provide Digital Marketing related services.

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