What Is Spam? How to Check it

What is Spam:- Spam is irrelevant or unnecessary messages sent to a number of people without knowing their purpose or needs. There are some different kinds of spam such as unwanted pop-ups, links, data, or emails. In other words, spam is completely unwanted but it can be misleading and harmful too. These spams could be a huge problem for your website and they should be handled before they harm your website in any way. One of the most popular spam in electronic media is e-mail spam. There are many categories of email spam such as some strange emails from the long-lost relative with a huge property. Email spam is one of the most popular spam since the 1980s.

Email & pop-ups spams and the prevention by the service providers

With time we encountered email spam in our daily life. But our online systems are helping us to get rid of this spam. There are automatic spam filters in almost all kinds of email service providers. There is another spam which is pop-up notifications and messages on our windows and browsers. It is becoming popular since 2016. Other than email spam it is one of the most popular spam. Most of these spams are blocked by ad blockers and computer antivirus. They block the pop spams without any external inputs simply statistically and technically.

what is spam score and how to fix it

What are black hat SEO and search engine tactics against it?

SEO or in a broader sense search engine optimization is something more popular way of ranking a website. It is a process by which a search engine decides the ranking. But there are some SEO experts who are using the loopholes to rank their webpage above others. These search engines are using tactics and algorithms to prevent these kinds of unethical practices. They are using advanced algorithms to prevent the black hat SEO as well as lower the rank of the websites that are having SEO using search engine loopholes.

With time, it becomes more and more advanced systems where spammers got better so do the search engine algorithms. Since these factors are still influencing the normal SEO practitioners, but they are learning the best and most ethical methods to do so.

What are the different types of spams?

There are many kinds of spam as well as methods to combat them. Here, we will take look at these spams categories as well as we will focus on the most common spam that we encounter in our daily life. Some of the most common types of spams are:

  1. Traffic spam
  2. Search spam
  3. Email spam
  4. Link spam

What is Traffic spam?

It is one of the most popular kinds of spam. There are mainly two types of traffic spams; one is when you get a link from a bad site which increases the bounce rate. It is categorized as traffic spam because it negatively influences the site. On the other hand, the second type of traffic spam is due to referral traffic. If you monitor Google analytics on the regular basis, then you will find some odd links. There you will not get a website URL from where these traffics are coming. Even you may not find your website link on the referral site. This kind of traffic is harmful to your website because it doesn’t increase genuine traffic as well as it is very spam. These spam traffics can screw your monthly data.

There are some popular traffic spamming sites are Chinese-amezon.com, Claim68514535.copyrightclaims.org, Cyber-Monday.ga, Traffic2money.com, Seo-platform.com, & floating-share-buttons.com.

These referral spams may not harm your site directly but they can manipulate the monthly analytics. It will affect the accuracy of traffic.

What is search spam?

Search spam is used for changing the ranking of a website in the search results. This manipulation is usually due to the greed of high rewards at minimal inputs. Mostly this tactic is used by the website owner who is trying to increase the website ranking over the competitors. Keyword stuffing is one of the most popular search spam tactics.

Keyword stuffing is an outdated form of search spam. It was basically used in the websites so that website ranks higher than the competitors because earlier it thought to be that a stuffed website ranks higher than the other.

This kind of search spam includes keywords in the title, description, between the contents, as well as in the alt attribute, meta description, meta keywords, NoScript, and in the keyword cloaking.

As of now, keyword stuffing became absolutely useless and this is due to the updated algorithm of Google and other search engines.

There is another search spam which is known as keyword cloaking which includes hiding keywords in CSS code, very small font size of keywords- they are mostly placed on the bottom of the page, and using keyword font color as same as a background color.

Content is one of the most important factors to rank your website and this is clearly told by the search engines that keywords stuffing and keyword cloaking will not help you out but make your website look spamming. It is completely unethical and uninteresting to do these kinds of stuff.

Google asks for genuine content which has its own tone and value that can interact with the readers. You can use the house content writer or the content creators to keep your website up to date. It is necessary to have good content on your website to get good traffic and a lower bounce rate.

What is Link spam or referral spam?

Links to the site are the major indication of search engine authority. There could be reputation damages due to the bad links. With time Google developed an algorithm to identify genuine links & quality sites but the fact is it is not perfect yet. If your site is having spammy links, then again you need to remove that link for a better result.

If you do not remove these spam links, then you may be penalized over time and it can cause severe damage to your website reputation for the long term.

Link building is one of the most common strategies in digital marketing or SEO. The core meaning of link building is to get a link from one site to another. In an ideal scenario, you get the articles written about your business or the news story. These links connect with your sites and you get some authority.

The real problem doesn’t arise from the link building but using deceptive methods to increase the authority is a matter of concern. Black hat SEO cause the system to crash due to the anti-algorithm practices.

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